Angry Mob Thrashes A Couple For Hugging In Kolkata Metro, Causes Massive Protest

India as a nation is progressing in leaps and bounds regarding matters of technology, education and economy. However, our societies are governed by obsolete principles that seem absurd in the 21st century. And considering how they don’t hold any logical ground, those ideas are imposed upon the upcoming generation via moral policing. This process became rampant with the anti-Romeo squad and recently in Assam as well. Now, the menace has arrived at Kolkata.

According to DNA, on Monday, a young couple aboard the Kolkata Metro were brutally beaten up for publicly hugging each other.

The whole fiasco began when a young couple simply hugged each other in the Metro. However, reportedly, this didn’t go down well with some of the passengers. Firstly, there were some verbal altercations and by the time the train reached the Dum Dum station, the mob simply took them out and mercilessly thrashed them.

Apparently, these upholders of morality were comprised of middle-aged to elderly men, who began beating up the boy first. And once the girl came to stop them, she was harassed as well. Finally, when things started to get worse, some of the passengers protested and saved the couple from further harm.

News of this assault spread across Kolkata very soon and it led to mass protests at the Dum Dum station.

Considering how appalling this incident was, many people came to the station to protest against this form of moral policing on Tuesday. Additionally, as no FIR has been fired against the abusers, they urged the couple to come up and help the actual police to nab them.

After the massive outcry for justice, Kolkata Metro took to Facebook and finally issued a statement describing their stand on the entire incident.

“we would like to make one thing very clear… that Metro Rly IS AGAINST MORAL POLICING.”

Read the entire post here:

Dear commuters, we are trying to enquire into an incident which has allegedly taken place y'day at Dumdum Metro stn. No…

Metro Railway, Kolkata ಅವರಿಂದ ಈ ದಿನದಂದು ಪೋಸ್ಟ್ ಮಾಡಲಾಗಿದೆ 1 ಮೇ 2018


While it’s somewhat reassuring to see that the Metro Railway of Kolkata are looking into the matter, the images that have surfaced are absolutely shocking. The frustration and anger in these people’s lives has reached such a level that they can’t stand a simple hug. And how can we blame them entirely when our esteemed judiciary can’t stomach public displays of affection?