Can You Identify These Desi Celebs By Just Their Smile? Take This Quiz & Find Out!


I have been a die-hard SRK fan since I was little. There was no wall in my room that didn’t have his poster stuck on it! Even today, I, like millions of other SRK fans, can identify him by just his smile.

Can you identify your favourite Indian personalities by just their smile? Take this quiz to find out!

1. You can never win at 'thumkas' with her!

2. The heart-throb of millions of Indians.

3. Inki adah ka kya kehna!

4. Hint: He's an author!

5. An extremely talented actress.

6. Whenever we saw him on TV, our hearts would swoon!

7. She is one of the most celebrated athletes in our country.

8. Everything feels okay when this man speaks.

9. Hint: She is a Booker Prize recipient!

10. The man who creates magic on screen!

11. Her voice is as sweet as it can get.

12. Hint: He's a living legend!

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