Pic Of IAS Officer ‘Selling Vegetables’ In UP Goes Viral, He Shares An Explanation

Recently, a photo of an IAS officer who appeared to be selling vegetables in Uttar Pradesh surfaced online. It was a picture of Akhilesh Mishra, special secretary in the UP transport department. Initially posted on Mishra’s Facebook account, it was widely circulated online.

Mishra was seated roadside at a sabzi mandi in a busy market before other vendors and customers, reports Times Now. While many wondered whether the image was fake, Mishra soon took to his social media to clarify.

Penning a Facebook post to address the issue the IAS officer explained,

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“I was on a visit to Prayagraj for some official work yesterday. While on my way back, I stopped at a roadside market looking at the fresh vegetables. In the meantime, the vegetable vendor, an old lady, requested me to look after her shop saying she would be back in a moment as her child had gone too far.”

He added that a friend of his clicked the picture the moment he sat down. “Just as I sat down at her shop, a customer and the seller came. One of my friends took the photo and put it on my Facebook account from my phone. I saw these today itself. For your kind information….”

Here’s a look at a screenshot of his original post.

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What do you think of this incident?

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