‘I Have 8 Friends’ Jokes Have Everyone Cutting Friends From Their Lives For Hilarious Reasons

Gone are the days of huge friend groups. Now, it’s all about #SquadGoals, groups of friends on social media who tag you on memes, heart your tweets and photos, and check in with you even if you go to the loos. And if someone doesn’t do that, you don’t end the friendship, you ‘unfriend’ them!

Twitter user Tyler, The Creator, probably going through a major friend drought, tweeted the following proclamation.

A normal generic statement, wouldn’t you think? Yeah yeah, people use their social media profiles as their private journals and write all sort of personal things. What’s new?

Well, Tyler’s simple sentence has been turned into a new self-deprecating joke format that has taken the Twitterverse by storm!

The results are quite hilarious and will get you cracking up in no time! Also, major temptation to tweet your own joke too! Check’em out and LOL!

1. Bigg Boss chahte hain ki aap confession room mein aaye!

2. And suddenly, I’m not in love with the Shape of You!

3. Arre, aakhir kehna kya chahte ho?

4. Friendzone wala love!

5. Everyone has that ONE friend!

6. Blasphemy!

7. We found friends in a hopeless place!

8. Sorry, I’ll not be there for you!

9. iDontLikeYouAnymore

10. Gross! Do I know you?

11. That one friend who needs to stay in the Upside Down and be eaten by a Demogorgon!

12. Avada Kedavra!

13. You don’t need that sort of negativity in your life!

14. Because ‘taking offense’ is the world’s most followed religion!

Of course, yours truly couldn’t resist either!

Cheeteh ki chaal, baaz ki nazar, aur Ranveer Singh ke fandom par sandeh nahi karte!

So guys, this is THE reason you’ve been waiting for to cut toxic friends from your lives forever! Go for it!

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Cover Image Source: Colours TV