Girl Shares How Her Mom Saves Important Contact Numbers On Her Phone & It’s Hilarious

If you ever get the chance of looking through your mom’s phone, please try to scroll through her contacts because it is there, fair readers, that you’ll find GOLD. Indian mothers, across generations, have cracked the code of the best way to save important contact numbers. And I’m not talking about the contact numbers of friends and family. I’m talking about the contact numbers of the local grocery store, vegetable sellers, newspaper vendors, etc.

Here’s an example, a girl took to Twitter to share pictures from her mother’s contact numbers list and it has names such as ‘Machar Marne Wala’, ‘Brijmohan Naale Ka Contractor’, ‘Deepak Line Man Chota Bhim’ and ‘Anil Kumar Leakage Thik Karwaneeala’. This is probably the most practical way to save contact numbers, I swear!

Because it’s not possible to remember all the names, right?

Even I have contact names like ‘Plant seller’, ‘Electrician’, ‘Plumber’, etc. on my phone but this undoubtedly is on another level.

Have a look at her tweet here:

People online not only found this cute but also confirmed that there is no better way to save such contacts. Here’s how some of them reacted:

Indian moms coming up with genius life hacks since forever! 😛

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