Desi Mom Reacts To Gucci Belt Worth ₹35k, Says, “DPS Ka Belt Jaisa Lag Raha Hai”

Indian moms are savage AF. Whether it is our dating life (or lack thereof), our sleeping habits, or our online shopping escapades, they roast us in the quintessential motherly fashion. Recently, Ranchi-based Chabi Gupta’s mom, Anita, saw her latest purchase i.e. a Gucci belt worth Rs.35,000, and remarked that it looked like a DPS school belt.

India Today quoted her saying, “This belt is for Rs 35,000? What is so great about this? Also, why is GG written on it? You could have got this for Rs 150 elsewhere.”

She added to her daughter, “All you can do is waste money.”

People on Instagram said this was exactly how their moms would react too, calling it 100% relatable.

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Do you disclose the actual prices of your purchases to your mom? Tell us.

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