Former FLOTUS Hillary Clinton Visits Indore City, Slips Down The Stairs. Twice!

No matter the steep levels of smartness you acquire as an individual, life is sure to bowl you over. You might be at your careful best but you are bound to trip at some point. While there are several examples, let me elucidate with a recent one.

And here’s a hilarious one, where former First lady of the United States Hillary Clinton became the victim of the same situation!

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton. Image source

Hillary Clinton stepped down at Indore on Sunday, 11th March on a three-day private visit. She graced the Indian soil to express her thoughts on ‘What Happened’, the politician’s freshly released book. The book throws light on her loss to Donald Trump at 2016 Presidential elections where she missed the throne by a whisker.

However, things turned out to be embarrassing for the 70-year-old, as she slipped twice while climbing down the stone stairs!

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton

The incident took place at the Jahaj Maha Place in Mandu, where Clinton lost her balance on more than one occasion despite her aides acting as fulcrums from the sides. The second slip outclassed the first one on the levels of sitcom and gave the viewers a heavy dose of laughter. Huma Abedin, Clinton’s top aide, was a live witness to the incident walking right behind the former electoral candidate.

The incident takes us back to October 2017, when Hillary came face to face with a similar circumstance and broke her toe in London. She made her appearance at the Graham Norton Show wearing a surgical boot following the incident where she rolled down the stairs with a cup of coffee in hand.

Watch the hilarious incident here:

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