12 Of The Most Brutal BURNS Inflicted By Hillary Clinton On Donald Trump!


The US Presidential election has been one of the most anticipated and publicised events in recent months. The tussle between Democratic Hillary Clinton and human Cheetos Donald Trump has intensified to a whole new level as we come closer to election day.

Here are some of the best quotes from Hillary Clinton about her opponent Donald Trump:

1. If she scored any higher, Trump might just grab her by the p***

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2. Ooooh! She did not just say that! 😛

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3. And I’m sure he would’ve LOST the war! 

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4. In need of some aloe vera maybe, Donald?

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5. In Donald’s reality, there’s no place for trivial things like FACTS.

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6. Hmm… something to really think about. 

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7. Because Trump’s speeches are just the biggest treasure trove of lies for these guys to sift through!

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8. Wise words. 

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9. Burrrnnn!

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10. You go, Hillary!

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11. When asked what’s the best thing about Trump 😛

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12. And that, ladies and gentlemen, takes the cake!

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Well, I’m not a registered voter in the United States, so won’t appropriate to end with something political. I’d simply like to say that if you want a president whose swag comes close to that of President Obama, you all know whom to go with!

Poster Courtesy: Sachin Kaushik

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