Only In Mumbai: Man Swings Enthusiastically In The Back Of A Moving Truck During Peak Traffic

The swing is without a doubt one of the most sought-after items in a playground. No matter how old you are, if you see an unoccupied swing in a playground or anybody’s home, some part of you will definitely want to get on it. And some of us take it the next level as we grow up, trying out extreme adventure activities like bungee jumping.

However, I doubt anyone has taken their love for the swing to such extremes as this man in the back of a truck.

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The commuters stuck behind the said truck were in for a low-key acrobatics performance as the man in question swings enthusiastically on a rope-tied swing hung inside the truck.

The truck isn’t even stationary as the man swings to his heart’s content. The peculiar incident was caught on camera on a busy Mumbai road. Watch:

Truly, anything can happen in Mumbai!

Twitterati had hilarious reactions to the man and his undisputable love for swinging:

1. Sing it!

2. It does, doesn’t it?

3. Yes, ma’am. You gotta catch up.

4. Say what?

5. Practical knowledge is important no?

6. Ki aaya saawan ho jhum ke...

7. Literally anything.

8. You make lemonade on a swing!

As entertaining as this video is to watch, it is also worth mentioning that it was quite a dangerous stunt. The rope could’ve easily snapped, not to mention the presence of other people in the back of the truck. Being in the middle of Mumbai traffic in a moving vehicle, there is also the possibility that the man might have fallen out, injuring himself or a passerby or both. So peeps, do not try this at home.