From Cold Water To Cheese, Redditors Discuss Bizarre Foods They Pair With ‘Hide N Seek’ Biscuits


Trust me when I say, ‘The true joy of eating a biscuit is when you dunk it in garam chai and it comes out perfectly soaked.’ Not too soggy and not too crunchy, just that perfect consistency when it’s soft enough to melt in your mouth and also hard enough to not break inside the cup.

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Having said that, there are a few biscuits like Oreo & Jim Jam, that taste more delicious with either coffee or dessert or both. Speaking of which, someone on Reddit recently asked people the best way to eat ‘Hide N Seek’ cookies. The person revealed that he really loves the biscuit and wants to find the best way to devour them. He even questioned people whether it would taste the best with milk, coffee, or whipped cream.

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Many people happily obliged and shared some unique and a few bizarre ways of eating ‘Hide N Seek’. Firstly people discussed whether the cookies should be eaten line by line or horizontally.

1. A person described in detail the correct way of savoring the biscuits – line by line! 

2. However, someone else suggested the best way to eat the cookie is diagonally. 

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3. Now that’s a really peculiar way of enjoying your treat! 

4. The sweet chocolate cookies with cheese or peanut butter? This will either be very delicious or complete disaster! 

5. Umm.. seems like an interesting combo. 

6. Whaat?! This is a really bizarre idea. 

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7. While I agree that coffee and ‘Hide N Seek’ will make a heavenly pair, I am not so sure about eating the cookies with black coffee! 🤢

8. The classic and best way to eat any biscuit – Dip it in cold water. It truly enhances the flavour of the biscuit. ❤️ 

Have you tried any of the above tricks? Or do you have your own unique way of eating ‘Hide n Seek’? 😉

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