From Calories To Taste, Someone Online Ranked ‘Indian Knockoffs’ Of Oreo In Great Detail


We were all happy and satisfied with our Bourbon and Hide & Seek biscuits and then one day, Oreo arrived in the Indian market and dominated the ‘cream-biscuits’ scene! Soon there were Oreo milkshakes and Oreo ice-cream and if I were to be completely honest, Oreo isn’t even that tasty. It is overrated. Yes, come and bite me.

While many people may disagree, I bring evidence. Someone on Reddit rated Oreo and 2 of its ‘Indian knockoffs’ – Britannia Treat and Parle Fabio – and reviewed them in GREAT detail!

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Here’s what he said about Britannia Treat:

“Brittania Treat is the one that I rank the lowest amongst the three variants (Oreo knockoffs I must say). The cookie isn’t as sweet as Oreo and has bitter overtones to the taste, but nothing too great. The texture of the cookie is somewhere between crumbly and brittle/snappy as compared to the other two, with a cookie to cream ratio being the lowest of all the three variants. Needs more cream I must say. Although, for the price of Rs. 10, you get one more cookie compared to the other two, with each cookie weighing a gram lesser than the other two brands.”

The original Oreo tastes better than Britannia Treat but it isn’t the ultimate. Here’s what he wrote about Oreo:

“I personally rank Oreo to be the second-best of three variants simply because I do not like the texture of the cookie, which is more crumbly than brittle/snappy and as a whole, the cookie is the sweetest (read loaded with sugar) of them all without any consideration for other flavour profiles. In terms of cookie to cream ratio, Oreo comes in second place. Oreo being the pioneer of this type of a cookie, is sadly not my number 1 choice.”

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And then comes *drumrolls* Parle Fabio, which is apparently the best of the 3!

“Fabio is my favourite of the lot as it stands out in all the aspects (except the number of cookies per packet). The texture of the cookie is snappy/brittle rather than crumbly which suits my preferences with the best cookie to cream ratio amongst the three variants! Sweetness is not the dominant taste on the cookie, but has the right amount of bitterness and even a hint of what I think is Cinnamon!!! That addition of the spicy taste of Cinnamon is what sealed the deal for me. Sorry Oreo, but there’s a better version of you out there.”

Also, it is less in calories (477 Kcal/100g) compared to the other two options (492 and 480)!

You may read his full post here:

Only one of the three cookies is an Oreo and the other two are Indian knockoffs. Detailed review in comments. from india


People took to the comment section to say that this is exactly what they needed. And guess what, some people said that Oreo isn’t that great!


I have said this before and I will say this again – when it comes to food, Indian varieties are always the best!

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