Mumbai Man’s Encounter With A Frustrated Auto Driver Is An Important Lesson In Empathy


At one point or another, most of us have been rejected during job interviews or when we’ve asked someone out on a date. But the maximum number of rejection we’ve faced is probably at the hands of Mumbai autorickshaw drivers. On a more serious note though, we should always be compassionate towards them because everyone is fighting a battle we know nothing about.

Recently, journalist Sagar Pillai encountered an auto driver who seemed rude, but instead of snapping, he was polite to him. This made way for a heartwarming exchange between the two which is a lesson for us all.

The auto driver got candid about his circumstances and how the pandemic had affected his sole source of income.

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Twitter thought the story was quite wholesome and pledged to show kindness not just to auto drivers but also to delivery agents who deliver all our online orders.

Earlier, Varun Grover had made a similar case for vegetable vendors and urged people not to haggle with them.

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