Pakistani Actor’s Hair Transplant Goes Horribly Wrong, Warns Everyone Of Quacks

Disclaimer: The following article contains graphic imagery. Reader discretion is advised.

The race to look perfect with well-sculpted cheekbones, a rocking body and a full head of hair, is too real in this world. People resort to extreme procedures to look flawless. From subjecting their skin to harsh chemicals in fairness creams to going under the knife, we have seen it all.

However, these procedures can prove extremely dangerous if the surgeon you’re consulting is a quack. Something similar happened to Pakistani actor┬áSajid Hasan, who is quite popular.

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Unfortunately, Hasan was trapped in the tall claims of a surgeon who gave him all sorts of promises convincing him to undergo a hair transplant. After about two months of hounding, Hasan finally gave in but things did not go as planned.

In a YouTube video, he can be seen talking about the procedure he knew nothing about at the time of going under the knife.

The procedure which was conducted about 2 months ago was botched. He alleges that the doctor did not perform any required tests on him. But he was unable to protest at the time as he trusted him blindly.

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The actor’s head was severely affected by a huge wound which has not healed for two months and has been causing him a lot of pain. It has even affected his work. Following this, he proceeded to make a video to spread awareness among people regarding quacks and also warned them to do their research.

You can watch the entire video here:

His ordeal is an example for all the people who trust such quacks blindly just for the sake of friendship or because they know them too well to question them.