Guy Takes His Laptop To Watch ‘Jawan’ In Theatre Because Deadlines Are Important

For Shahrukh Khan fans, his film releases are nothing but festivals to be celebrated. Inside the movie theatres, fans need to hoot, clap and cheer for their hero. Outside the theatres, fans need to dance and worship the posters of King Khan. I’m not exaggerating one bit. If you have seen the kind of enthusiasm and celebration that takes over the streets across the country when a Shahrukh Khan film releases, you wouldn’t question me.

However, some SRK fans are also corporate slaves. They might stroll into the movie theatre with full enthusiasm but their bosses might have other plans. Like this one guy in Bengaluru, who had his laptop perched on his lap while ‘Jawan’ started to play on the screen in front of him.

These are modern-day moviegoers. They have mastered the art of making Excel spreadsheets while crunching on popcorn. You don’t need to take the day off when you can enjoy a film AND meet deadlines, right? 😉

This picture was shared by a woman named Neelangana Noopur on X who wrote, “When Jawan first day is important but life is #peakbengaluru. Observed at a Bangalore INOX. No emails or Teams sessions were harmed in taking this pic.”

Have a look:

A hilarious clash of cinema and corporate culture! You gotta do what you gotta do. 😀

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