Girl Asks Tinder Match Why She Should Date Him, He Sends Her A PPT With Convincing Argument

Love letters, roses and walks in the park trying to get to know each other – these are some of the classic dating must-haves and must-dos which have been a constant for generations. However, in today’s dating culture, after a point a person might get tired of introducing themselves and talking about their life and hobbies, considering how we tend to meet multiple people, especially on dating apps.

Hence, one guy decided to cut things short and get right to the point. He made a PPT listing his hobbies, pictures of his dog, the kind of dates he is up for and a list of people who would recommend him as a good match for girls to date.

A girl named Tamanna shared pictures from the PPT on X (formerly Twitter) and wrote, “Asked my Tinder match why should I date him and he sent me a link to this PPT.”

According to the PPT, his dog would be third wheeling on his date everywhere!

From late-night chai dates to Maggi in the mountains, this guy is up for anything.

The ones who would recommend other women to date him are a number of dogs within his vicinity, his high school crush, a security guard and his landlord.

Have a look at the woman’s tweet here:

Several people online lauded the effort that was made in the making of this PPT. Here’s how some of them reacted:

New-age dating is something else altogether!

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