Bihar: Vet Goes To Check Farm Animal That Was Sick, Gets Kidnapped & Forced To Marry

Back in the day, you must have heard stories of women forcefully being married to a stranger in India. They would be presented at the mandap and married to the groom she never met or saw even once.

Well, tides have turned. Today, grooms are being forced to tie the knot with brides that too, at gunpoint.

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Groom kidnapping or ‘Pakadwa Vivah’ wherein bachelors are abducted and married to women at gunpoint is still a common practice in parts of Bihar, Jharkhand, and Uttar Pradesh. And recently, a veterinary doctor from Bihar’s Begusarai district became a victim of it, reported News18.

The veterinary doctor Satyam Kumar Jha was kidnapped by three men when he was called in to check on a sick animal. He was then forcibly married to a girl.

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“When Satyam did not return home till the evening, we started searching for him. He didn’t even return in the night. On Tuesday morning, a video clip came on my cell phone. When we opened the clip my son was sitting with a girl and the marriage was underway,” said Subodh Kumar Jha, father of Satyam.

The family then filed a written complaint against the accused, in the Teghra police station.

“We have received a complaint related to Pakadwa marriage (kidnapping for marriage). The investigation is underway with all angles. The case of love affairs cannot be ruled out,” said the SHO of Teghra police station.

This is how desis reacted to this bizarre happening.

Apparently, it’s still a common practice in such places. Single boys with good financial and social status, beware.

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