Govinda Finally Responds To ‘Dancing Uncle’ Who Has Taken The Internet By Storm

We’re all aware of the stereotypes regarding Indian men dancing at weddings. However, one man from Bhopal broke all those preconceived notions by burning the dance floor with his rendition of Govinda’s ‘Aap Ke Aa Jane Se‘. He not only received cheers from the audience in front of him, but also the internet as well.

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And as if that wasn’t enough, Sanjeev Srivastava, the ‘Dancing Uncle’ of India sent netizens into a tizzy again after he released a video of him dancing to ‘Husn Hai Suhana‘. So, since it was confirmed then that he was a fan of Govinda’s songs, it was only customary to ask the legendary actor about what he thought of this internet sensation.

According to News Tak, Govinda has seen the viral video featuring Sanjeev Srivastava and he was pleased to see that the songs made famous by him are still getting traction. He said,

“Thanks to that person who has danced on the song of my movie which came many years ago and the song has got popular due to that person. I saw it and I liked it, he has done it very well.”

Considering how Govinda has garnered a gigantic fandom due to his work throughout, he says that he has seen a lot of fans emulating his moves. However, the actor thinks that Srivastava has done so remarkably well because he was having fun.

While those compliments would’ve been enough to floor any Govinda fan, he went onto laud Srivastava’s free spirit and his unique dancing style.

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“I always try to do something unique which has not been seen in dance but this guy gives an impression that he is copying Govinda very well and he is doing great. Every artist likes to see his work repeated by someone else. He is dancing so good despite his tummy is out and I feel he is quite different from others and I haven’t seen someone else like him.”

Given how impressed he was, Govinda also left a special message for Sanjeev.

“Thanks for the way you have copied my dance and keep on enjoying like this. Your wife has also enjoyed the moment and I liked the way she also danced a little in UP style.”

After Sanjeev’s video went viral, the 46-YO professor has been appointed as the Brand Ambassador of Vidisha Municipal Corporation. And while all that fame must’ve made him very happy, Govinda’s appreciation will truly send him to the seventh heaven.

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