10-Feet High Avalanche Scares Tourists On Himachal Pradesh Highway, Watch Video


No matter how much people try to ignore it, climate change is real and extremely dangerous. The melting glaciers, forest fires, drought, and record-breaking temperatures in summer and winter are nothing but evidence to the fact that the Earth is crying for help.

A video of an alleged “glacier wall” breaking off and sliding onto the highway in Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh, is a visual of how daunting climate change can be. According to a report by India Today, the incident took place in Tinku Nallah, near Pooh on NH-5 and the video was uploaded by IRS Officer Naveed Trumboo.

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TOI reported that the breaking of the 10-feet high glacier wall stranded several tourists on the highway. The video captures a few people recording the incident while many tried to warn them against it. The snow is seen sliding towards the cars while frantic tourists continue to scream “Go back!”.

Watch the video here:

People on the internet expressed their concern over the incident, climate change at large, and on the fact that some people would invite danger just to capture a video.

There were also some who tried pointing out that it wasn’t a “glacier wall” that broke. Instead, it was an avalanche and that such incidents happen on a regular basis.

Avalanche or a glacier, this video sure does look terrifying!

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