The Arctic Circle Is On Fire While Many Still Think Climate Change Is A Textbook Phenomenon

You’ve probably read and shared scores of warnings about global warming and climate change. Although a lot has been said about the Earth turning into a burning ball of fire, we don’t really understand unless we see it with our eyes or experience it ourselves, right?

If that is how you feel, let us show you some disturbing pictures of the coldest places on Earth melting and catching fire that will leave no doubt in your mind that the end is near.

The Arctic circle that is supposed to be the coolest place on the planet is currently facing the worst wildfires in the world. The arctic circle comprises of countries like Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Denmark, Iceland and parts of USA and Canada.

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It’s not just the Arctic Circle that is in trouble. Greenland once had ice and glaciers as a majority of its surface area. But not anymore. The island lost nearly 200 billion tons of ice in July, according to the Danish Meteorological Institute.

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Just so you know, although wildfires and ice melting are natural phenomenons they just don’t occur out of the blue. They are caused by a rapid rise in the overall temperature of the Earth. The Arctic saw an unusual temperature spike in the summer season. The high temperatures combined with the parched forest and the dense vegetation has resulted in several dangerous wildfires.

And with a fire that dense, it will emit an excessive amount of CO2 in the atmosphere, making the ecosystem even more toxic.

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Multiple images of the wildfire and the ice melting have been circulating around the internet. Check out the following tweets, they sure scared the hell out of me!

You see. If the coldest places on Earth are undergoing such catastrophic repercussions of increased temperatures, one has to wonder how India will tackle it. The outlook is grim, folks.