2 MP Girls Get Trapped In Pench River While Trying To Take A Selfie


At some point or another, most of us have gone the extra mile to add a bit of uniqueness to our average photographs. But that doesn’t mean that we throw caution to the winds in the name of the ‘perfect’ picture. Earlier, travel bloggers Raquel and Miguel were criticized for sharing a dangerous photo of themselves hanging out from a moving train.

According to India Today, when a group of people from Madhya Pradesh went to a picnic by the Pench river in Chhindwara district, two girls went to the middle in order to take a selfie. Thereafter the water level rose, trapping them in the gushing river.

Other members of the group raised an alarm and an hour later, police officials rescued them with ropes. People pointed out that time and resources could have been saved if the girls had been more careful and not risked their lives, especially in the monsoon season.

This incident is a lesson to all of us that safety should always come first!

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