Holi: Girl Throws Water Balloons At Filmmaker Despite Him Saying No, Family Justifies It

During Holi, the vibrant festival of colours celebrated with joy across India, some individuals mistakenly interpret the phrase “bura na mano, Holi hai” (don’t mind, it’s Holi) as a license for erratic behavior. This misunderstanding often leads to troubling incidents, including harassment.

For example, a filmmaker named Rohan Jain shared a video on Instagram wherein we can see how a girl continued to throw water balloons at him despite him asking her not to. He had expensive electronic equipment with him which could have been destroyed because of the water balloons.

“This girl almost hit my laptop with a water balloon while I was getting out of the cab at my relative’s place. And even after politely asking her not to do this, instead of saying sorry and stopping it right away, she starts throwing even more balloons and then her family is standing there watching and starts justifying it and arguing back.”

Rohan was travelling to his relative’s house in a cab and just when he was about to step out of the cab, the vehicle was hit by water balloons. What was alarming was that the family of the girl continued to justify her actions even when Rohan was expressing his anger at the incident.

“I was travelling to my relative’s place in Delhi, I had all my luggage, all my drones and camera gear with me alongside my laptop bag which has all my other devices too. And as soon as my drop location comes, I open the door taking out my laptop first, and balloons start hitting my door. I closed the door, kept my devices and bags inside the car, carefully stepped out, and saw where the balloons were coming from. I asked the girl very politely and her sibling to not throw balloons as I had to take out all my luggage from the cab, and she started yelling back at me and throwing even more balloons right in front of her family guardians. After she threw almost 15-20 balloons at me and did not want to stop with her family shamelessly watching and supporting, I took out my phone and started recording them and they didn’t stop even then,” he wrote.

He added, “And the actual father of the girl couldn’t even come down and take responsibility for his daughter or even apologise for her behaviour.”

Here’s a look at the video capturing the incident:

Several people online expressed their disappointment at the family for not only not holding the girl accountable for her actions but trying to justify it. Just because it is Holi, it doesn’t mean that one can and should get away with such behavior. One has to respect the boundaries of other people.

While Holi embodies the spirit of camaraderie and merriment, it must be celebrated within the framework of mutual respect and understanding. It is crucial to educate and remind individuals that cultural festivities should never serve as excuses to transgress upon others’ rights or comfort.

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