Game Of Thrones Merchandise Are Manufactured Here In India And We Didn’t Know!

You know all those cool Game of Thrones merchandise? Where do you think they are made?
Surely, not in Westeros. They are made in our very own country, India. 

Manufactured in the heartlands of Dehradun, there are not one but two companies, RS Windlass & Sons and Lord of Battles which manufacture our favourite show’s merchandise and clothing.

RS Windlass & Sons concentrate more on the clothing and is also known for the iconic Jon Snow black fur coat. (George R.R. Martin, please keep him alive). What’s even more interesting? The production house of Game of Thrones also sends in their orders.

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Besides manufacturing clothes for Game of Thrones, They’ve also produced replica costumes for Period Drama films like Rome, Spartacus, the Harry Potter and Star Wars films, Gone with the Wind and 300.


In an interview to Hindustan Times, Sugandh Windlass said,

“We are the only manufacturer of licensed garments for Game of Thrones in India.”

“Harry Potter and the Star Wars costumes did well, but the Game Of Thrones costumes have been among the most popular.” But, these clothes are manufactured for the American and European market. What a bummer!


Lord of Battles, the other company which manufactures replicas, swords, long-claws, etc. have tight knit relationship with the makers of the show and have also worked on seasons 4 and 5! Yes, they also don’t retail in India.


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Capt. Saurabh Mahajan, a retired officer and the founder of LoB, always had a soft corner for history.


In an interview to Sbcltr, he says, “I loved history and medieval times, even though in the first order I didn’t earn much; but I learned the nuances of running a manufacturing export house.”

LoB was founded in 2005 and today boasts of a 2 acre unit in Saharanpur in Uttar Pradesh with 70 full-time artisans including women.

Well, hope this changes soon but for now, we shall be happy with the show.

News Source: The Hindustan Times

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