French Woman Falls In Love With Her Indian Tour Guide, Comes To India With Fam To Marry Him

When we find that perfect someone, everything-caste, religion, distance, nationality becomes obsolete. We just want their love and attention and leave no stone unturned to spend as much time with them. Love was also a major influence in this couple’s life that made them cross boundaries just to stay close to their partners.

As life would have it, Mary Lori Heral, a French businesswoman, met Rakesh, a then tourist guide from Begusarai, Bihar on her first visit to India, reported Tribune. Six years ago, when Mary visited Delhi, something attracted them to each other. And the attraction turned into love in no time.

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Soon after, she returned to Paris. But the distance wasn’t a hindrance in their blooming relationship. The duo stayed connected over call and finally confessed their love for each other.

They stayed put for three years as lovers but finally, Mary asked Rakesh to move to Paris so that they could start a business together. Rakesh obliged her request and the duo started a textile business three years ago in the foreign land. They were inseparable and their love grew with every passing day. That’s when they decided to put a ring on it.

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When they were deciding on the rituals and customs to be followed to solemnize their wedding, Mary expressed her urge to have a traditional Indian wedding.

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With the consent of the couple’s parents, Mary, along with her family, flew back to Bihar’s Begusarai to get married. Rakesh’s father Ramchandra Sha shared that Mary was impressed by Indian culture and traditions and that’s the reason why she decided to come to India and get married as per Hindu rituals.

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From Haldi to Mehendi and Jaymala, all Indian wedding traditions were adhered to. The couple then took the auspicious pheras in the presence of scores of villagers and foreign guests who attended the inter-racial wedding.

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The couple is currently staying in India and will return to Paris after a while. What a lovely tale of love.

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