15 Ways Food Talks To You When You’re On A Diet

Diet. This word needs to be banned. You have to think a 1000 times before eating that delicious pasta with cheese oozing out of it, or that scrumptious dessert made of dark chocolate….and the melted chocolate running down it’s side makes a chocolate pool in the plate, and it hypnotizes you into submission…STOP FOOD. STOP MAKING ME FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU!!

But, wait. Today is a Sunday. So I can have one last bite of junk food today. I can start dieting and eating salads from tomorrow. After all, pandas are proof that you can eat just bamboo and still be fat.

Here is a list of things that food says to you or what you start thinking after looking at beautiful food that is not raw vegetables:

1. “You can compensate by exercising more.”

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2. “This cheese is organic.”

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3. “One last bite.”

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4. “I don’t think it’s that many calories.”

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5. ” No one needs to know.”

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6. “Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat. Fat? You? Nah.”

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7. “That old scale is broken.”

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8. “Calories don’t count on the weekend.”

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9. “Just one last day today. Diet starts tomorrow. For sure.”

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10. “It’s only 200 calories. 10 more minutes of treadmill. That’s it.”

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12. “It’s your baggy clothes. Not you.”

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13. “It has fruits in it. So technically…”

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14. “You know you want it. “

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15. “Melted chocolate.”

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*Sorry gym instructor*

I just don’t want to look back and think “I could have eaten that.” (-.-) ✌ 

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