Here’s How Mercedes Played Genie To This 5 YO After His Dad Tweeted About This Little Fan

Each day when I walk into my office building, I go past this swanky-looking, dripping in class Mercedes-Benz car showroom, where nests a car I would love to take a ride in one day. I remember, when I was a kid, I was a car fanatic and it was my dream to grow up and own a car. Amid the process of adulting, that might have taken a backseat, but I so wish to go back to those days. Because those dreams are priceless. Just like this five-year-old’s dream, and he even got a chance to live it for a day.

Hitarth, a huge fan of Mercedes-Benz, was glued to the latest TV commercial of the luxury brand. So much so, that he watched it on loop more than the cartoons he loved to watch earlier. So, his father Nipurn Dholakia, in a tweet to Mercedes-Benz India put out his son’s MB love.


Seeing their young fan’s dedication and love, the car company thought of a great way to surprise their li’l fan.


MB India through its dealer in Ahmedabad, Benchmark Cars, coordinated with Mr. Dholakia and helped in shaping this five-year-old’s dream into a reality. They not only took him and the whole Dholakia family for a spin in a Mercedes-Benz SUV, but they also took them to the showroom to show Hitarth, all the MB cars.

The young fan was overjoyed and was giggling all along, of course! To keep his love for the brand alive, they even gifted him an AMG puzzle and a smaller version his favourite Mercedes Benz car. Woah!


You can see how this young fan’s happiness knew no bounds on the day of the ride.


Mr. Dholakia thanked Mercedes-Benz India for making his son’s day special and putting irreplaceable joy on his face.

Aww, isn’t it an amazing gesture by Team Mercedes Benz?

Our hearts are melting!

Even I want to take that ride in that awesome car and live my dream. ?

This story is brought to you in association with Mercedes-Benz