‘Sakht Army’ 1st Benchers In Kota Study Diligently As Girl Dances In Front Of Them

The rivalry between the first benchers and back benchers in any school or institute is evident. The studious ones try to use every opportunity to learn new things and focus on their studies and nothing, I mean NOTHING can distract them from looking away from their books.

And this video from a top coaching institute in Kota is testimony to this claim. In the video that has now gone viral, a female student can be seen dancing her heart out inside the classroom on Teacher’s Day.

And while everyone is rooting for her and releasing their stress by being part of the merriment, two boys, sitting on the first bench seem utterly disinterested in all that’s happening around. They didn’t even bother to even raise their heads from their books and watch the student’s performance.

Their sheer dedication and determination got people talking online. While some lauded their focus, others took a dig at them.

Seriously, kitney tejaswi log hai humarey pass! #SakhtArmy

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