Former Backbenchers Recall Their Favorite School Memories In Nostalgic Twitter Thread

As adults, we grapple with decisions revolving around our careers, investments, and savings but when we were kids, one of the most important things to figure out was which seat to pick in the classroom. Sometimes the decision was based on where the windows were or where our friends sat but at other times, we weren’t given much choice as the teachers decided the seating arrangement.

Recently, novelist and writer Kiran Manral brought back all of those bittersweet memories with a tweet asking if we used to be frontbenchers or backbenchers?

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Some people replied saying they always sat in the front and had full attendance while others said they were always hanging out in the last row eating or doodling. Of course, there were also those who preferred middle rows claiming they were the best of both worlds and students who had a rotational arrangement. A few also mentioned how they were standing outside the class as punishment or in the canteen to gorge on samosas.

Did you get to choose your own seating arrangement in school? Or was it determined by your height and where the teachers wanted you to sit?

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