A Dargah In Bareilly Has Issued A Fatwa Against Pokémon GO Because It’s ‘Un-Islamic’

Pokémon GO has exploded all around the world. With news about people catching them all, reaching the final level, and going out of their way to play and conquer the game, it hasn’t come without its own hazards.

People have been known to cause accidents, walk into forbidden places, and even trespass borders in their bid to catch ’em all.

Recently, the Dargah-e-Ala Hazrat in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, has issued a Fatwa, banning people from playing Pokémon GO, as it is deemed “un-Islamic”. Never thought I’d hear that in this life.

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“There is a possibility that players might enter religious shrines while prayers are going on. It might create law and order problems.”

Mufti Mohammed Saleem Noori, spokesperson for the Dargah and the one who issued the Fatwa said that it is un-Islamic because players get addicted to it, which might cause them to neglect their duties. This Fatwa comes after a number of news reports of people unintentionally breaking laws and causing crimes came up.


This Fatwa is another one in the series of Islamic institutions over the world banning Pokémon GO, notable ones including Port Louis, Mauritius, and Saudi Arabia. Seriously though, what’s with the religious banning?

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Speaking about the intense levels of distraction that the game has brought on to millions of players around the world, Noori was quoted saying,

“As gamers stare at their mobile screens, they live in a virtual world and forget about their real surroundings. This is extremely dangerous and has caused several accidents in many places across the world. There are chances of a distracted player being hit by a speeding vehicle. It is unsafe and playing it is forbidden in Islam. Moreover, an addicted player’s family members might also suffer.”

I wonder what are the punishments for those who go against this Fatwa.

News source: The Times of India
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