Faridabad Man Turns Cycle Into Momo Cart After He Couldn’t Get Space For A Stall In Market

Inspiring stories of people braving all odds to live a respectable and independent life are just a click away on the internet. From the 74-year-old English Lecturer who is working as an autorickshaw driver to the Master’s graduate in Kolkata who opened a chai tapri, there are countless stories that might give you the jolt of motivation you need.

Similarly, the story of a momo seller in Faridabad has grabbed eyeballs online. According to India Today, he sells pipping hot momos on a bicycle.

Unlike other momo sellers who own roadside stalls, this man couldn’t get a stall at the market as there wasn’t any available space. Hence, he turned his bicycle into a makeshift momo cart that carries a bucket with the steamer filled with hot momos, a milk can containing red chutney, and a bag of disposable plates.

He has also hung a disposable bag on one of the handles so as to avoid littering. Selling momos isn’t the only job the man does. In fact, he works another job in the morning and starts selling momos in the evening from around 4-5 PM. He sells 12 vegetable momos for Rs 40 and 6 for Rs 20.

A video of the momo seller was posted on YouTube by vlogger ‘Foody Vishal’. Have a look:

In the video, the seller reveals that he hails from West Bengal and has been living in Faridabad for 4 months. He also says that if the momos get cold, he goes back home and heats them again so that customers can enjoy them better. You will find him at Sector 15, in front of Vidya Mandir Public School, Faridabad.

We salute this hardworking man!

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