Entrepreneurs Called Out For Body-Shaming Cricketer Prithvi Shaw Despite His Recent Achievement

Cricketer Prithvi Shaw was back with a bang after he smashed a double century in the English County One-Day match. Once known as the “next Sachin Tendulkar”, he lost his touch during the tour of Australia in 2020-21. Because of his fitness issues and lack of form, he ended up losing his place in the Indian Cricket Team.

However, he showed his mettle by scoring 244 runs in 153 balls for Northamptonshire against Somerset City. According to TOI, he became the third cricketer globally to hit a double century in the tournament’s history. He also broke the previous record of the highest individual score set by Ollie Robinson who, back in 2022, scored 206 runs.

Despite this remarkable achievement, many people online thought it was fitting to comment on his weight and body-shame him instead of celebrating him. These people included popular entrepreneurs Ankur Nagpal and Ankur Warikoo. We need to mention that both these people have an incredible social media following and the ideas that they perpetuate tend to influence innumerable impressionable minds.

These comments further led people to react in an insensitive and disrespectful way.

In July 2023, just a month ago, Prithvi Shaw in an interview with Wisden opened up about living an isolated life, not having many friends, facing harassment from people on the street and in the online world and being disconnected from the world. These can be signs of poor mental caused because of incessant trolling and controversy-creating situations he has been pushed into.

Several people online came to his support and slammed those body-shaming him. Here’s what some of them said:

Ankur Warikoo responded to the criticism and posted a lengthy apology note for his behavior. Here’s a look:

Body-shaming is harmful irrespective of who engages in it and why. It is important to be sensitive, empathetic and kind to one another.

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