Elon Musk Shares Profile Picture With A Moustache, Igniting A Meme Fest

Elon Musk is a man of many inventions. He recently posted a picture of how the SpaceX’s ‘Starship’ spacecraft would look like. But ironically a few tweets later, Musk made the world know that he failed in one area, time over time. And that’s growing a mustache!

Clearly, the options which worked for making his hair grow on his head leading to a stunning before-after portrait didn’t work on his face.

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Hair implantation techniques have never yielded such natural results as did the one of his profile picture. However, it turned out that Twitterati knew better how to fix this situation.


Alphabets. Always choose alphabets!

Of course there was something missing.

Let’s get real, THIS is the shizz.

Not. Sure. Why.

Now he just looks like a villain straight out of Bollywood.

Now it’s just stopped making sense.

Just when we thought cats are useless.

Yes, because mustaches are the only thing that can make America great again.

Its always the road less travelled that makes all the difference.

What Ranveer thinks today, Elon thinks tomorrow.