To Reduce Stress & Materialism, Lucknow University To Offer ‘Education For Happiness’ Course

From Mumbai University’s Introduction to Hip-Hop Studies to Banaras Hindu University’s Bhoot Vidya course, students now have many unconventional choices when it comes to picking subjects during college. These courses are great because their aim is holistic development and imparting practical skills rather than merely enhancing academic knowledge.

According to Business Standard, Lucknow University is also following suit by introducing the ‘Education for Happiness’ course in the M.Ed curriculum next academic year onwards.

Hindustan Times quoted Professor Amita Bajpai saying,

“Course will be optional and offered in M.Ed. It will be inter-disciplinary, so all PG students can opt for it. It will be introduced from next year after the Academic Council’s approval.”

She further added, “Children are looking for happiness in the wrong places, their concept of happiness is false. Happiness comes from within but they look for it in the material world. We want to tell them the real concept of happiness and familiarise them with its Indian concept.”

“The real purpose of education is accomplished only through this course. We believe that an educated person’s life should be better than an uneducated man’s but the reality is something else. The more educated a person is, the more he is focused on competition and is anxious.”

In this highly stressful environment where a student feels pressure to score good marks, stay one step ahead of his peers and build a successful career, this course comes as a breath of fresh air. Government schools in Delhi also have classes based on this very concept.

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