BHU To Offer Medical Students A 6-Month Course In ‘Bhoot Vidya’, Desi Twitter Reacts

The universities around the world have many off-beat educational courses to offer. Right from ‘ethical hacking‘ to ‘dulhan course‘ there are many fancy courses to study nowadays. And ‘Paranormal science’ is one of them! Many universities offer these courses that teach students to study paranormal activities using electronic devices, like, EMF meters, digital thermometers, night vision cameras and so on.

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All this really sounds cool! So, the Banaras Hindu University, which is one of the most reputed educational institutes in India has announced a new certificate course called ‘Bhoot Vidya Course’. The six months course will be introduced in the BHU campus from January 2020, reports India Today.

Well, before you assume that the course is meant to make legit tantriks and babas out of students, hold on!

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The course which is for students with an MBBS or BAMS degree, will teach doctors psychotherapy and other remedies to treat psychosomatic disorders and abnormal psychological conditions caused by unknown reasons (that people often think are a result of bhoot-pisach).

Yamini Bhushan Tripathi, dean of the Ayurveda faculty, told HT, “A separate unit of Bhoot Vidya has been created in the faculty of Ayurveda for imparting formal education to doctors about the branch. Bhoot Vidya is one of the eight basic branches of Ashtanga Ayurveda. It mainly deals with psychosomatic disorders, diseases caused by unknown reasons and diseases of mind or psychic conditions.”

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Apparently, the course has got nothing to do with ghost hunting. But the name is surely misleading and desi Twitter too feels so! Some people also feel that the course in extremely regressive, while others also believe it’s a step in the right direction to match up to other international universities.

What are your thoughts about the course? Is it a yay or nay from your side? Tell us!

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