Ed Sheeran’s Cameo In GOT Is Being Hailed As The Best And The Worst Thing By Twitter!

NO SPOILERS. C’mon in! 

‘Game Of Thrones’ is back!

The heart-thumping themes, the Dragon Queen, the King in the North, the girl who has no name, and so much more took us by surprise in the first installment of the much awaited Season 7.

Needless to say, GOT came back in all its glory, but there was one more highlight in the episode that couldn’t have just slid by, and that was the mighty Ed Sheeran!

YEAH! He made a cameo in the show alongside Maisie Williams as a LANNISTER. And now, internet is flipping out. Here’s a 54 sec clip that has no spoiler at all, just Ed’s cameo. Watch.


Internet did what it does best, brim with funny reactions and memes. Have a look!

1. Well tried, Ed!




3. Subtle, Ed. Very subtle!


4. Hand him the damn Oscar!


5. Wake me up when Ed comes!



6. You go, Ed!


7. Just like that!


8. Ed Sheraan, King in the hearts, house shape of you.


9. I want someone to look at me like Ed looks at Arya.


10. Night King: I am in love with the shape of you, push and pull like a magnitude.


11. Cersei: Say WHATTT!!??


12. All through his cameo, I was thinking, Arya…please don’t kill Ed. Please!


13. C’mon Ed. Be sensitive!


14. Yeah, that’s FINAL!



While most fans hailed it as the ‘best cameo ever’, there were some who did not like Ed’s appearance and just couldn’t make sense of it!

1. We hear you!



2. Well…


3. Okay…is that a good thing?


4. Really, now?


5. Out of his place? I don’t think so!


And well, the GOT team made a terrible goof-up in the end and Twitter caught it! They spelt Ed Sheeran’s name as ‘Ed Sheehan’ in the credits and now it’s like trolls, trolls everywhere!

1. Yeah, it’s trending! Ed Sheehan is the word.



2. Just being a Lannister, I guess?


3. No from me too!

Oh internet, you sweet, sweet being. Never change!