‘The Sh*t They Go Through’ Desis Disgusted After Drunk IndiGo Passenger Vomits & Poops In Plane

After the shocking Air India incident where a drunk man urinated on an elderly female passenger, several other incidents of uncivilized behavior by passengers have been coming to light. Here’s another one which will make you question whether people have forgotten to act with basic decency.

According to a report by Moneycontrol, on a Guwahati to Delhi IndiGo flight, a drunk and unruly passenger vomited on the aisle and pooped around the toilet, creating a huge mess for the cabin crew to clean. The incident happened on March 26.

A passenger from that flight named Advocate Bhaskar Dev Konwar took to Twitter to talk about the incident. He also shared a picture where we can see an air hostess, wearing gloves and a face mask, cleaning the aisle with tissue papers. We can clearly see the vomit stains on the ground.

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“Indigo 6E 762 : Guwahati to Delhi. Intoxicated passenger vomited on the aisle and defecated all around the toilet. Leading lady Shewta cleaned up all the mess and all the girls managed the situation exceptionally well,” he wrote.

Have a look at his tweet here:

“I was really feeling bad. Three girls were from NE, one from Ghy, one from Bijoynagar and one from Kohima. They were virtually crawling on the aisle to clean it up and out of respect I didn’t click those moments,” the passenger further added.

Another passenger named Vaibhav Bansal also tweeted about the incident. He lauded the cabin crew for cleaning up the mess.

On learning about the incident, people online expressed their disgust and demanded strict action be taken against the accused. Here’s how some of them reacted:

It’s such a shame that the cabin crew has to clean up other people’s mess!

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