Daughter Shares What Her Dramatic Mother Posted On WhatsApp Stories After A Fight With Her

Indian mothers can be more dramatic than Ekta Kapoor serials sometimes. If you want to see how dramatic your mother can get, notice her actions after engaging in a petty fight with her. From speaking to you in hilarious indirect ways to not serving you food to even hiding your favourite snacks until you become the bigger person and speak to her, their antics are just out of this world! Here’s an example.

A woman on Twitter shared what her mother posted on her WhatsApp Stories after the two engaged in a fight. The mother posted a picture wherein it is written in Hindi, “Bacchon ke saath zabardasti rehne se accha insaan ko vriddh ashram mein reh lena chahiye.”

This roughly translated to – instead of forcefully living with their kids, people should live in an old age home.

Have a look at her tweet here:

Several people resonated too hard with this because such things happen in households across the country! Many also shared what their mothers do after a fight. Have a look:

Uff, such A-level drama! 😛

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