Desi Dad Puts Up Dramatic Message On WhatsApp Story After Daughter Forgets To Order Fruits

Remember how as sad teenagers, we used to delete our WhatsApp DPs and post emotional status updates on Facebook? Yeah, that’s our parents right now. I have come to the conclusion that as our parents age, they become typical teenagers who are difficult to handle. Yes, they are lovable, but they also have hilarious emotional outbursts. Here’s an example.

A girl from Chandigarh shared on Twitter that her father had asked her to order fruits online and she forgot to do so. So to express his disappointment, he uploaded a dramatic quote on his WhatsApp story.

The quote read, “Duniya se kya shikayat kare janaab, hamari to apni aulaad hi humara saath nahi deti.”

This loosely translates to, “What to complain of the world when our own children don’t stand by our side.”

Here’s a look at her tweet:

People online shared a good laugh upon seeing uncle ji’s reaction. Surely they were reminded of their parents as well. As for me, it reminded me of my grandma who stirs quite the drama when I don’t do something she explicitly asks me to do! 😉

Our parents can be so dramatic sometimes! 😛

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