Twitter Cracks Cricket Memes After Dosa Batter Translation On Packet Reads ‘Ballebaaz’


I thought Chatur from 3 Idiots translating ‘piss’ into ‘mutra-visarjan’ was the most hilarious translations of all time. But then, I came across this one viral tweet…

According to The Indian Express, a picture of a translation mistake on a packet of dosa batter is going viral on the internet. The word ‘batter’ has been mistakenly translated to ‘Ballebaaz’ in Hindi which actually means ‘Batsman’ in English.

Have a look at the tweet here:

The internet has since then broken into a meme-fest and is cracking cricket-jokes. Some even found out that Google translates ‘batter’ into ‘ballebaaz’. Have a look:

What’s the worst translation mistake you have come across? Tell us!

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