Twitter Discussion Proves How Domestic Violence Is Not Just Physical But Can Be Mental Too

Domestic violence might not happen in every household but it’s not rare in society. There are some who go through physical and mental harassment domestically but never report it against their families. However, there are also some who don’t even know they are being tortured by their ‘loved’ ones to various degrees.

The discussion around it is also infrequent due to the lack of platforms and the willingness of the victims to open up about their ordeal. But Twitter is a place that brings together people from all around the world to talk about things of public interest.

Recently, people had an in-depth discussion about domestic violence after a user posted his insight about it. Myriam Gurba Serrano tweeted:

The moment people online saw the user talking about this topic that is often brushed under the carpet, they flooded the post with what they understood of it.

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Moreover, those who have been a victim of it choose to tell their story for the world to listen to and learn.

Violence of any kind can’t be justified in the name of love and care and no matter who it is, people should be held accountable for their acts. This discussion is a very important one for all those silent spectators and victims who still don’t have the courage to take a stand.

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