Here’s The Inspiring Story Of A Pune Man Who Saved Up For 10 Years For A Dog Ambulance

In a world where they make festivals out of culling dogs, there are a few good men who are a little empathetic towards the furry beings. Meet Balu, a man from Pune who doesn’t want to do anything that doesn’t have to do with taking care of Animals. Balu saved up for ten years to buy a van which he turned which he now uses as an ambulance to transport dogs to vets.

Balu is not a vet but he has learnt the basics of animal care such as dressing wounds, putting up salines and handling injections by simply hanging out with professionals. Some appreciate him, some don’t understand his love for animals and some are even contemptuous of his activities. Get to know more about Balu in this video by Open Road.

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A  lot of us have a lot to learn from you, Balu.

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