2 Doctors In Jhansi Got Suspended For Using Patient’s Severed Leg As Headrest

Medical care facilities have reached a new all-time low point in Indian history. With each passing day, the situation is becoming worse than ever. From medical negligence leading to a young, healthy man losing his life by getting sucked into the MRI machine, to the ambulance driver demanding money for carrying a dead body, we have lost sight of humanity.

A shocking incident that will send shivers down your spine took place at the state-run Jhansi Medical College Hospital where doctors used a man’s severed leg as a pillow while treating him.

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According to an NDTV report, the authorities have begun an investigation into the case and the two doctors have been suspended. The hospital is one of the biggest ones in the city and is supposed to be a multi-specialty hospital.

The patient had met with a terrible accident and was rushed to the hospital for treatment. The relatives of the patient, who goes by the name Ghanshyam, said,

“When we reached the hospital, we saw his leg being used as a headrest. I repeatedly asked the doctors to intervene but they refused.”

Eventually, the relatives bought a pillow from the local market.

However, the doctors said that they did not do any such thing. In fact, the relative of the patient is the one who used the leg to prop his head up because they couldn’t find anything else.

While it is understandable that giving the patient immediate treatment was the need of the hour, using his own amputated leg as a headrest is an inexcusable horror. Medical negligence has become a common day phenomenon, but incidents like these should be thoroughly investigated and the guilty must be severely punished.

Medical facilities in India are still not as developed as in other countries. But the least we expect from these caregivers is sensitivity and humanity.