“It’s Not Easy To Survive”: Dino Morea Reveals ‘Small Jobs’ Kept Him Afloat As He Lost Money

Bollywood actor Dino Morea was most notably seen in the 2010 film ‘Pyaar Impossible!’. In a recent interview with HT, the actor revealed why he made a ‘conscious decision to say no to anything that was mediocre’. “If I did those films or roles, I knew that I would be digging my grave further.

“Ultimately, the industry is watching those films and they are going to say, ‘What rubbish is he doing!’ The audience is going to watch those films and they are going to say, ‘Yeh kya kar raha hai (what is he doing), flop actor!’,” he said.

“It was a really tough time because you are getting further away from the industry. People are saying ‘out of sight, out of mind’ and you, as an actor, are thinking, ‘Will I even get an offer again?’ A lot of insecurities set in but you just have to be positive, you have to work on yourself and be ready that in the eventuality that an offer comes your way, you can just smash it and do really well,” he said.

He explains that circumstances often tempted him to take up an offer just for the money. “You got to run a house, pay your bills, you got to make money to survive. And it is not easy to survive. I don’t have a salaried job. Those were hard decisions but I knew that if I did this, I am only sinking further. It’s like a stock market, your stocks are just getting worse and then no one is going to invest in those stocks if you keep making the quality of your stock bad.”

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“I went and knocked on doors and I said, ‘Hey, I want to work, I am still here, I exist’, but unfortunately, nothing great came my way,” he said.

Morea speaks of small jobs he took up to stay afloat.

“When I say small jobs, you do these small appearances, go here and visit there, and you get paid small amounts of money just to be present because you are who you are. My small jobs were basically…cut a ribbon somewhere or fly to be a judge in some pageant in Darjeeling. It was those small kinds of jobs which sort of kept me going and I am thankful for people to even notice me,” he added.

Dino reveals how he managed his money by investing it. “I lost my money there also and that was the scary part because I thought the businesses would take off…some of them did decently well, some of them didn’t,” he shares.

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