Differently-Abled Man Completes Pune Marathon, Celebrates With A Heartfelt Dance Performance

Most people who live a pretty normal life go into a complete mental breakdown after losing some of the pettiest things. There’s nothing to cry over a lost smartphone, because you can always buy another one. And the same applies for jewellery, bikes and your Metallica concert ticket. But then there are people who lose an entire limb and still manage to be more optimistic that any of us. Such was the case of a Pune marathon runner.

Recently, Regional Outreach Bureau, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting,and Pune Road Runners group organised the Pune Half Marathon. Once it was over, the participants were treated to a delightful dance number.

The entire event was divided into 3 sections: 25K, 10K and 6K, with a participation of over 2500+ runners. But the scenes after the 10K marathon were wild as a man, who had lost one leg, started to celebrate by dancing to Zingaat from Sairat. And if you take a look at his movies, they’re pretty similar to what you’ve seen on the big screen.

You can check out the video here:

All of us who are lucky enough to live with all our limbs intact, will never understand the pain and trauma of losing one of them. However, what we can learn from this yet unidentified man, is to be positive no matter what. Because we have only one life and we cannot waste it by groveling over something we can’t get back.