Diaper Change Room Inside Men’s Loo In Bengaluru Airport Is A Step In The Right Direction

Gone are the days when the responsibility of childcare was levied solely on the mother. The tides have turned today with men taking paternity leaves to help the kid and the mother recover from going through labor. This shift in mindset can be seen with institutions coming up with gender-neutral facilities for both parents.

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Bengaluru airport is one such place that is currently being lauded online for promoting inclusivity and not restricting childcare to just one gender by including a diaper change station not just in the women’s bathroom but inside the men’s loo too.

This was brought to light by a Twitter user who shared the pic of the changing station and wrote that such initiatives should be celebrated.

Apparently, Bengaluru airport also has a dedicated baby care room where both parents can enter and help.

Someone also spotted a senior citizen diaper changing room at the food court on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway.

People online were glad that like the West, people in India are also coming up with such progressive initiatives.

Even though this should be the norm and a common sight everywhere by now, the fact that someone is leading and setting an example is worth the applause.

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