“I Wasn’t Attacking Or Hating On Katrina,” Diandra Clears The Air On Her Viral FB Post!

Quarrels in Bollywood is not a new thing. We have witnessed friends of 25 years fall apart, just like that.

Coming straight to the point, various reports claimed that model, actress and ex- Bigg Boss contestant, Diandra Soares took a sly dig at Katrina Kaif in a Facebook post and all hell broke loose. –


It all started when Diandra took to Facebook and wrote to all womankind how they should embrace themselves and not give into unnatural methods to look ageless. With that message, she posted a picture of Katrina Kaif from a very recent event.


The post has now been made private and is now not visible on her timeline. The picture of Katrina Kaif, Diandra posted was this –


As her post slyly suggested that Katrina might have gone under the knife, it did not go down well with a lot of Katrina fans. Diandra, who received a lot of backlash spoke about it –

“I did not write ‘Dear Katrina’, I wrote ‘Dear women’ because I am addressing a much larger cause.

Also, I don’t have to be sly about it. Even the most reputed Bollywood actors have spoken about the amount of plastic in this business.”


The very next morning, the post had disappeared. Diandra said that she has not deleted or taken it down. She also added –

“I wasn’t personal attacking, or hating on her (Katrina). Unfortunately the actual issue or subject matter is lost in translation, because this country is simply blinded by Bollywood… it’s the holy grail!”

“I repeat, it wasn’t about Katrina only. It was a very general post on the subject matter.
It just so happens that on that day I saw her in that press conference looking warped…. such a naturally beautiful girl.
Sadly, nobody has the intelligence to understand the message. There wasn’t any negativity or nasty stuff in that and I definitely wasn’t advising her. It could have been anyone else’s picture or name there.”


Well, though Diandra’s message was a positive one, posting a picture of Katrina, took all the attention from the thoughtful message.

Wonder if Kartina will say something about it.

News and post screen-grab Source: Hindustan Times

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