Dhanbad Couple Invite 350 Guests, Perform Aarti & Gift Gold To Pet Dog On His Birthday

You might have heard the news about people abandoning their pets, mistreating strays, and abusing them. However, in a world populated with such cruel people, there are also many who do not just give animals a loving abode but consider them no less than their kids or family members.

Earlier, a man upset with his son donated his property to his pet dog in his will. Now, a couple from Jharkhand celebrated the first birthday of their pet dog in a way no one could have ever imagined.

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Hailing from Loyabad, Dhanbad, Sumitra Kumari organized a lavish birthday party for her pet dog named Oscar by sending official invites to the 350 guests who attended the event.

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The venue was decorated with confetti and balloons along with images of Oscar on a huge banner. The cake also had Oscar’s pictures printed on it. Moreover, the couple spent around Rs 4,500 on buying a custom-made suit for their pet dog. The lucky doggo was also gifted not one but three gold lockets on his birthday.

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Talking to the media, Sumitra said that they had rescued the doggo after his mother and siblings were killed in a road accident near a petrol pump. On watching him stand next to his deceased family members, she decided to adopt him. Eventually, he became a part of their family that thinks Oscar is lucky for them.

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On the day of his birthday, Sumitra also performed an aarti for him. They also sacrificed a goat at the nearby temple for his well-being. After the elaborate party of the doggo, Sumitra also donated fruits at a leprosy asylum, reported DNA.

Here’s the video from Oscar’s birthday celebration:

Oscar is indeed lucky to have found a loving family like theirs. But isn’t sacrificing another animal for their pet dog’s well-being ironic?

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