NY Fashion Week Just Stole Our Desi Banana Hair Clip! Girls, We’ve Got Competition Now.

Fashion is more peculiar than I thought. If you’re an amateur like me, let me tell you something in advance, you’ll never see it coming. Yes, you will feel the tremors when the Stiletto heels hit the ramp–left, right and centre–but it is easier to assess the mood of your parents than the latest craze or trend in its inception.

I mean, can you tell me, in an honest confession that the concept of ‘Thong Jeans‘ didn’t throw you off your chair?

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Now, I don’t fancy the idea of pants either but NOPE.

And you know the beauty of it? It is not always bizarre. Sometimes you get to see supermodels strutting the runway in pajamas, and it’s a delight! In fact, I’m here to tell you about another such occurrence that you would have never seen coming.

If you’re not in the know, the world of fashion is all heads up for the ongoing Fashion Week in New York, USA. Yup, our favourites including the Hadid sisters, are busy opening shows and turning muses for designers.

But what will make you drop your jaw is the fact that, our mom’s ‘banana clip’ has just made a debut under the spotlight!

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In fact, many long-legged beauties walked wearing the clip at the NYFW for and by famous designer Alexander Wang and boy, oh boy. Have a dekko! 

1. See it?


2. Okay, now?

Epic banana clip moment @alexanderwangny 🖤

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3. Yes, even the gorgeous kaia Gerber donned it tight!

4. Sleek and smart.

5. On the ramp, and off it!

Still not over it @alexanderwangny 🖤

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Now, I know these beauties are paid big bucks for a reason but honestly, nobody does it like my mama.


Or us desis for a fact. What do you think?