NGO Organizes “Run For Children” Despite Air Emergency In Delhi, Faces Backlash Online

Despite the many pollution control measures taken by the government, Delhi’s air quality is still hazardous. The odd-even rule for private vehicles is still in effect and schools have been asked to remain closed till November 15 due to the public health emergency.

Amidst the toxic smog on the occasion of Children’s Day, NGO Prayas organized a marathon called “Run for Children” at Vinay Marg in Chanakyapuri where many students participated.

The Times of India reports that the AQI (Air Quality Index) touched 472 before the run was flagged off and this falls under the “severe” category. NDTV reports that the marathon had many students running without anti-pollution masks. Payal (a parent at the event) was quoted saying,

“Children are falling ill due to toxic air. Some of the participants have also missed the marathon due to pollution today. One boy while running puked and is now taking rest.”

Desi Twitter was not impressed with the organizers and said that it was criminal to expose children to eye irritation and respiratory issues.

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Until the situation improves, it is imperative that everyone follows the do’s and don’ts issued by The Directorate General of Health Service (DGHS) and venture outside wearing certified N95 masks.

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