#OddEvenDobara Trends As Twitter Reacts To Delhi Govt’s Move To Reduce Air Pollution


A public health emergency has been declared in Delhi NCR as the air quality index breached the 999 mark and pollution reached hazardous levels. Apart from issuing a list of do’s and don’ts to the public, the government has also implemented the #OddEvenScheme beginning today to combat this problem.

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Essentially, from 8 am to 8 pm on even dates, only private cars with an even last digit in their license plates will be allowed on the road. The same is applicable for odd numbers on odd dates explains The Indian Express. Furthermore, violators will be penalized Rs.4000 according to Business Today.

The rule which has exemptions for electric vehicles, two-wheelers, women drivers traveling alone or with a child, people with disabilities and vehicles with students in uniform, has generated mixed responses from commuters. Some are welcoming the move with #LetsUniteAgainstPollution while others are making good-natured jokes.



However, some Delhiites feel that the scheme is ‘too little, too late’ and will have a low impact on curbing air pollution in the city.


Some people also poked fun at the various ‘jugaads’ commuters can use to avoid following the #OddEven scheme.

The rule is applicable until 15 November (barring Sundays) so let’s hope that it brings Delhiites a much-needed respite from the air pollution that is akin to smoking around 40-50 cigarettes a day.

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