Deepika Padukone Addresses The Backlash She Gets For Selling Expensive Skincare Products

When Deepika Padukone announced her own skincare brand 82°E, a lot of people were excited and ready with their debit/credit cards to buy everything she launched. But when finally her products dropped online, the same people were left terribly underwhelmed. The names of the products did not click and they were very pricey – not at all something that a middle-income person could afford.

Her most expensive product is the moisturizer Ashwagandha Bounce that’s Rs 2,700 and next comes the under-eye cream Rose Boost that’s Rs 2,400. Deepika Padukone was on the receiving end of substantial criticism because of the pricing of her products and finally, she has addressed the backlash.

The Indian Express quoted her saying, “If I am selling you a Rs 2,500 product, then rest assured I am also using it every day. The way we have been able to do that is be consistent and true to who we are. That’s how we have been able to grow a successful brand in the past one year and we will continue to do that.”

She also went on to state that celebrities and their brands in general receive a lot of backlash irrespective of what they do. One has to put their head down and keep working.

“And as far celebrity brands or celebrities in general getting backlash or getting trolled, it’s a part of what we do and I think as long as you put your head down and you keep going, as long as you true and honest to what you do, I think you will always move ahead of the tide.”

Another interesting detail that Deepika revealed was that whenever a product is made, she is the one on whom it is tested first before it goes for clinical trials.

“I am absolutely the first one in the system to try out anything even before it goes into clinical trials or dermatological trials. I try them first. I try them for at least a week of not more, sometimes it goes on for a couple of months depending on what my feedback is and then when I give a green signal is when it goes into clinical trials.”

Do you think that her products’ prices are justified?

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